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"The photographs ofDelphine Cencigdisturb. It is not his impeccable technique, nor his compositions, often inspired by classical painting, but his plastic universe that destabilizes the viewer. It is nevertheless of a strange beauty, but this beauty is more of that adored by the surrealists, admirers of Lautréamont and his chance encounter on a dissecting table with a sewing machine and an umbrella, than usual canons . You can also see scenes that could belong to the world ofHieronymus Boschor to that of the fantastic literature ofpoeor ofKafka.
The characters who evolve there have an intermediate status between human and elf, between disarticulated doll and well embodied humanity, between literature for adults and children's books, between adoration and sacrilege... The atmosphere is dreamlike but can turn into a nightmare, like s These were innocuous but probably dangerous games, a perpetual state of instability between life and death. Sexuality and sensuality are on edge, but never made explicit. A form of feminism is expressed there, but it seems permanently repressed by images that can make a woman a puppet or a criminal, confine her under a glass bell...
Finally, in this universe in permanent suspension between invisible but strongly suggested pitfalls, whatDelphine Cencigwants to express is only the tragedy of the human condition and, more specifically, of femininity..."


Louis Doucet

MAC 2000 Paris

September 2019

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