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The process of booking a tattoo appointment involves several key steps:

- First of all, I listen to your project so that we can, together, determine if it is feasible according to the size, the surface to be tattooed, the fineness of the lines, as well as the Your skin type.

- Then we take together the exact measurements of the area to be tattooed.

- A budget is then established to make the tattoo(refer to the price list to get an idea).

- I create a first design according to your expectations and then we look together if adjustments are necessary(up to three major changes).

- Once the design is finalized, a final price is proposed. Once validated, we can start the tattoo sessions.

It is always possible to adapt to a budget by modifying the size, the degree of detail, the shadows, etc.

In general, payment is made in one go before the sessions, i.e. after each session.

The appointment process is rigorous and collaborative, it aims to guarantee your satisfaction as well as the quality of the final tattoo.

The price list has been created for information only, prices vary according to different individual factors such as skin type, pain management, size, the variable number of touch-ups which is defined according to the thickness of the trait as well as the needle used.


ATTENTION! It is only a notion of price. This price is variable depending on: the type of skins, the details, the number of colors, as well as the areas of the body.


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to download, complete and sign

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